Death & Taxes

by Cap De Craniu

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released November 1, 2011



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Cap De Craniu is a death metal/grindcore band from Bucharest, Romania, formed in spring 2007.
Shortly after they formed the band, CDC released "First EP for a Surgery", in April 2007, being credited with defining the Romanian grindcore scene by incorporating elements of hardcore and punk, vocals with severe growls and squeals reflected in horror and social lyrics. ... more

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Track Name: Death & Taxes
Death and taxes

Your window faces a concrete wall
Your eyes are windows of a crippled, tormented soul

No expectations, no dignity
A simple coward in a 4-wall effigy

Figures make the blood boil - frenzy
Financial catharsis - eyes red, eyes bled

A simpleton turned bloodsucking beast
Horrid mutation of an office geek
A tasty mortgage left on a will
Make sure the bastards can't pay the bill

The taste is better when their incomes are low
The stench of poverty increases your cash flow
A hefty loan to sink your teeth in
They have insurance? - It's a sin


Blood sells!


Blood sells!
Blood sales!

Death and taxes

Raise them!
Kill them!
Eat them!
The meat-market

Find them!
Rape them!
Gut them!
The flesh market

Praise them!
Buy them!
Sell them!
The stock market

Your instincts kick in when you smell a pile of cash
You'll go insane over a juicy pound of flesh

Adorn - grotesque
Self scorned - your greed - repressed

Beyond - escape
Respond - seal your own fate

The stock market today has crashed to an all-time low after what appears to be
a neurotoxin has infected corporations everywhere. Employees are bursting
out of their cubicles and offices with movements that could only resemble rabid
Scientists speculate that the disease could be a natural consequence of their day to day occupations, most of them working in an environment where
simply nothing is enough. Apparently their greed has extended to the ranks
of flesh eating disease. Is this the new step in evolution? Is this the…

Rise! - Financial corporate wreck
You feel the weights being lifted from your scrawny neck

Repulsive fiend! Defy misanthropy!
Show us the true face of our overrated social creed!

No more restraints! No more pretending needs!
Show us the monster! Show us the bloody teeth!

Just eat your way up the fucking food chain!

The eyes are...
The eyes are...
The eyes are...
...the window of the hole!